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Chapter Eight: The Great Escape

Pull you stupid ox, pull! The ox pulls the rope tight but the bars don't show any signs of breaking. Apple Boy looks disappointed. Apple Boy remembers his friend Cowboy Boy. Apple Boy looks sentimental.


We haven't seen you 

in a while. Apple Boy leaves the ox and goes to see Cowboy Boy for advice. Apple Boy explains that he needs to make his ox pull harder. Cowboy Boy calls for Prop Girl. Apple Boy looks hopeful.


Where the heck did 

she get that? Prop Girl instantly appears with a Sherman Tank. Apple Boy looks excited.


what is he doing? Apple Boy ties the tank to the ox to help him pull. Apple Boy looks ingenius.


Oops, I broke it. Apple Boy drives the tank forward and the ox's head comes off. Apple Boy looks surprised. Apple Boy gets another idea.


I like when stuff 

blows up. Apple Boy turns the tank around and blasts a hole in the wall of the jail. Tiny Shorts Boy is free! Apple Boy looks heroic.


you gave me a 

defective ox! Tiny Shorts Boy changes into his tiny shorts and he and Apple Boy return the ox to House of Oxen. Apple Boy is glad he got the optional decapitation coverage. Apple Boy looks insured.


You can fix anything 

with duct tape! Tiny Shorts Boy decides that he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life as a fugitive. He goes out for a taco and then returns to his cell to await his trial the next day. Apple Boy covers the hole in the wall with duct tape so the guards won't know that Tiny Shorts Boy has been out. Apple Boy looks smart.


Will everyone live happily ever after? Why must so many innocent animals die?

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