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Chapter Seven: The Big Plan

Girls are neat Girlfriend Girl picks up all of the coins and puts them into a cup. Apple Boy looks smitten.


He's such a stud Apple Boy asks Girlfriend Girl whose girlfriend she is. Girlfriend Girl says that she is no one's girlfriend. Apple Boy suggests that she be his girlfriend so that her name will make sense. Apple Boy looks confident.


Get away from my 

pennies! Girlfriend Girl carefully considers the offer and simply can't dispute Apple Boy's logic. She has no choice but to accept. Apple Boy looks happy. Poor Boy says that he is a multi-millionaire and head of an internet start-up company. He gives the couple $45,000 because they look so cute together. Apple Boy looks more happy.


Hooray for Cars! Apple Boy and Girlfriend Girl buy His and Hers Thunderbirds so they can drive around and look for a lawyer. Apple Boy looks extravagant.


metal is cool Apple Boy and Girlfriend Girl decide to go to tall buildings because that is where the best lawyers are found. First, they try the St. Louis Arch. Apple Boy looks determined.


I like tall stuff Apple Boy and Girlfriend Girl go up in the Sears Tower in Chicago but they can't see any lawyers from up there. Apple Boy looks disappointed. Girlfriend Girl points out that they have already spent $44,000. Apple Boy has an idea.


I wonder if anyone 

ever actually reads this stuff.  If you are reading this, send me an email.  The first one wins a prize. Apple Boy and Girlfriend Girl return home and Apple Boy devises a plan to break Tiny Shorts Boy out of jail. He uses the last of the money to rent an Ox. It is the end of the month and the only Ox left is the retarded one. Apple Boy had envisioned Paul Bunyan's mighty blue Ox. Apple Boy looks wary.


ox in the box Apple Boy leads the Ox to the jail that holds Tiny Shorts Boy and ties it to the bars. Tiny Shorts Boy asks Apple Boy where he has been for the last six months. Apple Boy explains that a jailbreak requires careful planning, leaving out the part about blowing $44,000 on two cars and a vacation. Apple Boy tries to convince the Ox to pull. Apple Boy looks frustrated.


Will the Big Plan work? Why is the wooly mammoth extinct?

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