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Chapter Six: Home at Last

oh Apple Boy, you're my hero! Apple Boy picks up his tree and carries it back home, happy that Bubble-head Girl is out of his life forever. Apple Boy looks tired.


Is it okay for a man 

to be in love with a tree? Apple Boy plants his tree in a fresh new spot, away from the grave of Dead Girl. While he is shovelling, he wonders what ever happened to his friend, Tiny Shorts Boy. When he is done, he stands back and admires his work while enjoying a delicious apple. Apple Boy looks proud.


Rub a dub dub, 3 men 

in a tub... Suddenly, Cowboy Boy comes running up. Cowboy Boy says that Tiny Shorts Boy has been arrested for slaying the endangered Bad Kitty. Apple Boy says he'll be glad to help as soon as he washes Bubble-head Girl's brains off his face. Cowboy Boy calls for Prop Girl. Apple Boy looks eager.


LA Law was a good 

show Prop Girl arrives with a sponge and a giant marker. She explains that Tiny Shorts Boy needs a good lawyer but he only has the $300 from Wheel of Fortune. Apple Boy cleans up and decides he is done wearing dresses. Apple Boy looks revitalized.


Begging is an art 

form Apple Boy uses the marker to make a huge sign and goes down to the corner to stand next to Poor Boy and beg for help. He gives Poor Boy an apple. Apple Boy looks generous.


I slept in a pile of 

old cats After 42 hours on the street, Apple Boy collects four dollars and three cents. Apple Boy looks hopeless.


what kind of stupid 

name is that? A girl in a shiny dress approaches Apple Boy and explains that she kinda thinks that she might maybe like to be a lawyer some day and she would love to help. Apple Boy thinks this may be Tiny Shorts Boy's only hope. Apple Boy asks the nice girl's name. The nice girl says her name is Girlfriend Girl. Apple Boy agrees to let her help. Apple Boy looks desperate.


the poor kid better 

hurry up and learn to fight Meanwhile, Tiny Shorts Boy is finding jail quite unpleasant. He is not allowed to wear his dress and he gets beat up every time he tries to wiggle. Tiny Shorts Boy looks sad.


Will Tiny Shorts Boy ever be free? Can Girlfriend Girl really help?

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