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Chapter Five: Recovery

my dog stinks Apple Boy pulls himself from beneath the carcass of the mighty beast and realizes that he has lost his apple. Apple Boy looks very unstable. (And a little chewed up.)


rub my feet Apple Boy goes back to his apple tree, where the sweetest, juiciest apples in the world are found. Bubble Head Girl is stealing his apple tree and taking it to Minnesota, even though it would grow much more efficiently where it is. Apple boy looks confused.


pie is cool Apple Boy chases after Bubble Head Girl but he is too weak from his vicious attack and is unable to catch her. Apple Boy looks exhausted.


give me bacon Apple Boy goes to Cowboy Boy for help. Cowboy Boy calls Prop Girl. Apple Boy looks desperate.


go to spain Prop Girl arrives with a new dress, a sponge, and 3 tickets for Wheel of Fortune. Prop Girl scrubs Apple Boy. Apple Boy looks excited.


give me a quarter Apple Boy, Prop Girl, and Tiny Shorts Boy go on Wheel of Fortune to win enough money for Apple Boy to go to Minnesota and get his tree back. Apple Boy looks confident.


don't touch that Apple Boy wins and heads to Minnesota as fast as he can. He finds Bubble Head Girl and chases her but she refuses to give up. Apple Boy looks determined.


I want some of 

those Apple Boy asks Bubble Head Girl to explain the concept of corporate self-insurance. Bubble Head Girl's bubble-head explodes. Apple Boy looks wet.


Has Apple Boy stained yet another dress? What ever happened to that plot about the murder?

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