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Chapter Four: Hiding Out In San Francisco.

Hey, it's that bridge I saw on my TV. Apple Boy and Tiny Shorts Boy arrive in San Francisco and check out the landmarks. Apple Boy looks adventurous.


Piercing is an art form. In wandering the city, Apple Boy and Tiny Shorts Boy meet Pierced Boy. Tiny Shorts Boy gets his nipples pierced, through his dress. Apple Boy looks reminded of a stapler.


Tattooing is an art form. The boys continue their journey and come across Tattoo Girl. Apple Boy says, "Nice Pants." Tattoo Girl says, "What pants?" Apple Boy wonders if this is Tina from the bathroom wall. He gets a tattoo to impress her. Apple Boy looks cool.


Wandering is an art form. Apple Boy accidently wanders into a dangerous area. In concentrating on his apple, he misses the sign. Apple Boy looks startled.


Mauling is an art form. The Bad Kitty begins mauling Apple Boy with unrelenting fury. Tiny Shorts Boy comes to help. Apple Boy looks tasty.


Prop girl always saves the day. Tiny Shorts Boy makes the long journey back to Cowboy Boy for advice. Cowboy Boy has an idea and calls for Prop Girl.


Take your time there Tiny Shorts Boy, no one is getting eaten or anything. Prop Girl instantly shows up with a huge sword. Tiny Shorts Boy takes the sword and heads back to San Francisco where the Bad Kitty is still chewing on Apple Boy.


Killing endangered animals is an art form. Tiny Shorts Boy arrives just in time and drives his mighty sword through the skull of the Bad Kitty and then does a victory dance. Apple Boy looks dead.


Will Apple Boy survive this brutal attack? Is Tiny Shorts Boy psychotic?

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