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Chapter Three: Apple Boy's Big Plan.

ooohh the plot thickens! Apple Boy goes to see his friend, Cowboy Boy, to get a fake suicide note so that he can frame Dead Girl for her own murder. Cowboy Boy calls to his super assistant, Prop Girl, who has the ability to pull inanimate objects out of her butt, on command. Apple Boy looks skeptical.


Prop girl and pull anything out of her butt. Prop Girl instantly shows up with a detailed suicide note and a large nail. Apple Boy looks amazed. Tiny Shorts Boy still looks sad.


Nail that sucker! Apple Boy nails the note to his favorite tree, where it will be easy to find. Apple Boy looks like he has another idea.


I wish I was a cowboy. Apple Boy goes back to Cowboy Boy and says he wants a disguise so he and Tiny Shorts Boy can hide out until everything blows over. Cowboy Boy calls for Prop Girl. Apple Boy looks anxious.


Sometimes it is okay for boys to wear dresses. Prop Girl instantly appears with two perfectly coordinated outfits for the boys. Tiny Shorts Boy looks excited. Apple Boy looks uncomfortable.


Shake shake shake! The boys try on their disguises and Prop girl makes all the proper adjustments. Apple Boy looks like he's questioning his sexual identity. Tiny Shorts Boy feels a groove coming on. Tiny Shorts Boy starts to wiggle!


A yo-yo is a dangerous weapon.  Please keep them out of the reach of children. Meanwhile, Officer Chia Man discovers the well placed note. Officer Chia Man's eyes are fixed at an upward angle from a tragic yo-yo accident so he must tilt his head severely to look down. Officer Chia Man reads the note. Dear World, I can't go on anymore so I have decided to stab myself in the head with a sword and bury myself in a shallow grave. I have planted a small apple tree on top of my grave for you to remember me by. Please don't dig me up. I like it here. Love, Dead Girl


Boys on the run After reading the note, Officer Chia Man marks off the area and investigates the grave. Meanwhile, Apple Boy and Tiny Shorts boy have already begun their getaway vacation.


Will the boys get away with murder? What will Prop Girl pull out of her butt next?

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