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Chapter Two: The Cover-up.

clean up that mess Apple Boy gathers all the evidence and looks for a place to hide it. Apple Boy looks determined.


the murder hole Apple Boy throws everything into a hole near his very favorite tree. Apple Boy looks pleased.


Grave Dancers Union Apple Boy shovels dirt while Tiny Shorts Boy packs it down. Apple Boy looks tired.


Baby Apple Trees Rule Apple Boy plants a baby apple tree on the shallow grave to complete the disguise. Apple Boy looks relieved.


uh oh! you're busted! Officer Chia Man comes strolling by and asks Apple Boy what he is doing and if he has seen a girl with orange hair. Apple Boy explains how he just planted this tree because he loves apples and he's not hiding anything and the path of red stuff leading up to the tree is because Tiny Shorts Boy was drinking red Kool Aid and he spilled it all because he can't stop dancing. Officer Chia Man looks suspicious. Apple Boy looks nervous.


don't panic Apple Boy tells Tiny Shorts Boy that Officer Chia Man is on to their scheme. Tiny Shorts Boy is so upset that he drops his bottle of scotch and loses his wiggle. Apple Boy looks startled. Apple Boy has to pee.


Pee. It frees the soul. Apple Boy entertains himself by reading the wall while he pees. Tiny shorts boy is too upset to pee. He just tries not to stand in the puddles on the floor. Suddenly, Apple Boy gets an idea. Apple Boy looks enlightened.


Will Tiny Shorts Boy get his wiggle back? What is Apple Boy's brilliant idea?

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