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FROM THE VAULT The Lost Scenes

Hey, are you Mel Gibson? No-Face Man carries Dead Girl away. This man turned out to be an escaped mental patient who snuck on the set and tried to steal a dead body for his collection. Everyone thought he was an actor and the cameras rolled. When he didn't ever come back with the body, we knew something was wrong. Also, someone pointed out that he was not in the script. He was later arrested and Dead Girl was returned unharmed and dead as ever.


my pelvis hurts Dead Girl stabs Tiny Shorts Boy. Apple Boy looks surprised. This rare blooper footage was caught while Tiny Shorts Boy was dancing on Dead Girl's grave. Luckily the sword missed all vital organs and Tiny Shorts Boy, being a most devoted actor, changed his shorts and finished the scene before falling into a coma from blood loss. He awoke the next week and returned to the set, refusing to ever work with Dead Girl again. You may notice that they have no scenes together after the grave dance in Chapter Two.


eeeek! Prop Girl instantly appears with two perfectly coordinated outfits for the boys. Tiny Shorts Boy looks excited. Apple Boy looks uncomfortable. Oops! Prop Girl originally did this scene from Chapter 3 naked. This version was accidently released instead of the clothed version and instantly became the most popular download on internet porn sites. Although the naked version was only out for one day before it was replaced, it launched Prop Girl Fever across the nation. She was offered $1 Million to pose for Playboy. The President invited her to the White House for cigars. She got her own sitcom, "Prop Girl 90210." Teenage girls began running around naked and passing out props just to be like her. She was featured in countless television commercials, making phrases like, "Got Props?" and "Yo Queiro Props" part of our everyday lives. But as with most naked girls, her fame didn't last long. After six months in the spotlight, she returned to Apple World studios where she could utilize her greatest talent: passing out props.


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