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Chapter Nine: The Trial

No, this is not Judge Judy! Tiny Shorts Boy finally has his day in court. The honorable Judge Girl presides. Officer Chia Man serves as bailiff.


That is one dead 

cat. Prosecutor Man presents the evidence against Tiny Shorts Boy. The Bad Kitty has gone very bad, waiting for the trial date. Officer Chia Man picks up clumps of fur off the floor.


Oh Man! Get yourself 

a hat! Girlfriend Girl calls Chewed Boy to testify about the Bad Kitty's desire for human flesh. Officer Chia Man is sickened by Chewed Boy's appearance and must turn away.


This dude can do 

anything. Girlfriend Girl calls world renowned psychologist and rock star, Dude Boy, to the stand to testify on Tiny Shorts Boy's mental state during the attack. Dude Boy enlightens the court.


You better get down 

or you'll be in contempt! Dude Boy stands on top of the witness stand for no apparent reason. Girlfriend Girl gets an idea.


Look at that old 

lady move! In a stunning legal maneuver, Girlfriend Girl decides that Dude Boy and his band, Red Boot Fetish, should give the closing arguments in the form of their hit song, Stairway to Bad Kitty. Judge Girl gets lost in the music and begins dancing on top of the bench. Apple Boy looks rockin'.


Those were some 

nifty red boots she had. The song ends and everyone returns to their seats. Judge Girl makes an announcement, "In light of this totally rockin' evidence and the fact that I am a huge Red Boot Fetish groupie, all charges against Mr. Tiny Shorts Boy are dropped."


I didn't know Apple 

Boy could wiggle. Tiny Shorts Boy tears off his prison uniform and jumps up on the table in celebration. Everyone wiggles with excitement. Apple Boy looks to be all that.


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