Chapter One: Deja Vu

dead girl
Apple Boy discovers a dead body, mysteriously lying on a gurney in the hot sun.
Apple Boy looks puzzled.



boogie down little man!
Apple Boy meets Tiny Shorts Boy.
Apple Boy looks frightened.



Chia Porn Sex
Apple Boy accidently shows up at the shooting of Jane Does Chia Man.
Apple Boy looks shocked.



Apple Trees Rule
Apple Boy visits his very favorite tree.
Apple Boy looks content.



Tiny Shorts Boy is mean
Tiny Shorts Boy comes and steals all the apples.
Apple Boy looks angry.



Give me back my apples you punk!
Apple Boy challenges Tiny Shorts Boy to a duel for the apples.
Apple Boy looks brave.



Kill Her Kill Her Kill Her
A girl mysteriously sleeping on a gurney after a hard day on the set
gets in the way and Tiny Shorts Boy accidently stabs her.
Apple Boy looks worried.



She's Dead Again
Tiny Shorts Boy drops the apples and runs away.
Apple Boy can’t shake the feeling that he’s been here before.

What will Apple Boy do next? What is the meaning behind that porno scene?